Occasionally, some mistakes made while painting,
can make the whole piece exactly right.

Portfolio: Faces of Nature

A body of work continuing to be developed. Inspired by the well-known bumper sticker, “The Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the Earth.” – Chief Seattle, these paintings are a tribute to nature, and the care and well-being of Mother Earth.  

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Portfolio: Wise Woman, Warrior, and the Innocent

These portraits were inspired by pondering what the true female nature is, as it was originally designed. Among the many aspects, is the Wise Woman, Warrior, and Innocence. These aspects occupied my perception and experiences while creating this work, and I hope they present themselves, and share their stories with you as well.

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Portfolio: Nature Is Always Speaking

With a shift of the imagination, we are allowed to hear the stories, insights, and messages. Then we begin to understand the wisdom offered, and the continuous care given each moment to us all.

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