I have just returned from 1950’s England.

Tomorrow, Terry Pratchett and Stephen Briggs will visit.  I will giggle, laugh out loud, and be dazzled by their sheer brilliance of language while I clean my house. I created this illustration out of my love of great writers, and the brilliant narrators on the audio versions. In 1996 I became a devotee to the magic of audio books, and have continued racking up over 500 books each year. A talented writer and a masterful narrator can transport your entire imagination into whatever world you may be in need of. Free for the asking through your public library. Just download and play!

In a time when pandemic fatigue, anxiety, politics, and the economy is wearing out our hopefulness, escaping into a wonderful book can refresh your body, mind and soul.

Take a break, take a walk, take a friend in your backpack, on your kindle, phone, or in your ears. You will feel less isolated, less stress, learn amazing things, and feel as if many of the characters are your best friends.

Since I am always searching for intelligent, witty, clever and terrific books and series (I can get so attached….) please let me know if you have any suggestions!


and as always, thank you!


digital painting
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  1. Books are portable magic- great quote! They really are. (Love Terry Pratchett!)

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  2. Thank you! Isn’t he amazing? Each year I re-listen to the disc World Series and always, always hear some great one liner I missed and am in awe all over again!

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  3. I’ve loved reading them but have never listened to them. That would be fun – it must be someone good reading though!

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  4. Stephen Briggs is…amazing! A sample is always available to listen to before checking out or buying (audible). For me, he is truly the voice of Terry P. And… has not narrated any one else’s books, that I can find. Listen to a sample and let me know!

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  5. I have never done an audio book, I so love reading them though.

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  6. You might enjoy it! Imagine someone reading to you while you clean the kitchen…twice as fun😉!

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  7. I have music on when cleaning the kitchen 🙂

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  8. “God’s Mountain” (no underline function for book titles, sorry), and “The Holy Man.” Neither one specifically religious, both absolutely delightful, easy reads. “God’s Mountain” was so extremely satisfying that, voracious reader that I am, I chose to live in its messages and not pick up another book for six months!

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  9. Thank you for the recommendation Ana! Both of these books sound very intriguing, and I will be searching them out today. Six months of satisfaction and absorbing the enlightenment of one book is definitely high praise! 🙂

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  10. Oh yes! Just from a couple of samples he sounds excellent! If I ever want to listen to the books it’s good to know there’s a really version of them out there. 🙂

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  11. So glad you checked it out! I find that books (and narrators, if audio) are a lot like food… different flavors desired at different times. 🙂 T.Pratchett in audio is great to have on the back-burner!

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  12. I love how you describe engaging with a book as “portable magic”. I can so relate and have been enjoying reading more of late. I still like the physicality of a book and haven’t engaged with the audio versions to date – but may give this more thought.

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  13. Thank you! I enjoy both forms equally, but audio is great when I am not able to have the time to sit with a book… which is generally always before sleep!


  14. Yess books are portable magic, that is so precise!🥰💕

    And I’ve never actually completed an audiobook. Now that I’m thinking about it😂🤔🤔

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  15. Give it a go… and let me know! 😊👍

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