For quite a few days and nights the air was heavy with the smell of burning wood. Many of the hills and reserves were burning, and still are. There are 426 fires active in my state as of today. For weeks our temperatures soared well over 114 degrees, and I wondered how the firefighters could physically survive it. Each morning the fading moon was hot-pink or red from the smoke. And it is devastatingly worse for our neighboring states.

Yet through all of this, the untouched areas of nature are carrying on, painting a picture of beauty in its elegant grace.
Nature, our greatest treasure and teacher. I marvel at it all…and I am humbled.

We have known about global warming since the 1960’s. Yes. I hope all of those that didn’t believe in global warming now “get it.”
The planet doesn’t need us. We are its guests, we were meant to be the guardians of this gift.
I hope we have a new and intelligent government that places the earth as a top priority, finally.

A government that selflessly serves and represents the Greater Good of All.
We the people, can not do it alone.
It requires “We the Nation.”
We the world.

Peace and prosperity for all.

– Thank you

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  1. That quote really describes Fall to a t.
    Lovely post.

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  2. Doesn’t it? Thank you so much!

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  3. Great words and lovely picture Liza, I hope one day the nations stop squabbling and come together..

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  4. Tomorrow works for me! (Jus’ saying)…😊

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  5. Hear hear! If the world does wake up it will be due to the efforts of the artists of the world no matter their medium. Keep making the world better. I’ll be following.

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  6. Thank you! And you as well with your thoughtful and enlightening poetry! All for one and one for all…☮️ + ❤️

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  7. Well said. Where I am, we are suffering under a blanket of smoke from the fires south of the border. It’s pretty awful – but so much worse there. 🙁
    May we gain the wisdom to use these tragic events to make positive change.

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  8. Thank you, and yes, yes, yes….May we gain the wisdom and make positive change. I vote for that wholeheartedly 😇 🙏. It’s time.

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  10. Thank you so much Monica, that is so incredibly kind of you!

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