this weeks painting is not quite finished,…..
I still want to share something that I hope has value to someone, somewhere,
and have unearthed a few paintings from the past few years, to help illustrate.

If I had a magic wand of miracles to arrive within every human being on the planet
– in the “Big, Big Picture of Life,” these are what they would be;

1. A Peaceful Heart

Choose Peace

“Acceptance does not mean inaction.
We may need to respond, strongly at times…From a peaceful center we can respond instead of react.
Unconscious reactions create problems.
Considered responses bring peace.
With a peaceful heart whatever happens can be met with wisdom…Peace is not weak; it is unshakable.”
– Jack Kornfield

2. Wisdom

Wise Woman

“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.”
– George Bernard Shaw

3. Hope


“Hope is the companion of power, and mother of success;
for who so hopes strongly has within him the gift of miracles.”
– Samuel Smiles

4. A Sense of Humor and Laughter

“Iggy” Nature Spirit. 24″ x 36″

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” – Charles Dickens
“Life is better, when you are laughing.”

5. Kindness and Compassion

Kindness & Compassion Stamp

Love and kindness are never wasted.
They always make a difference.
They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.” – Barbara De Angelis

Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people.
A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

6. Believe

Always you can go higher, for within yourself you are greater than you think.
Believe that, for it is a fact – a great, big, truthful, wonderful fact.
Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

7. Love

Love is Joy

“I have decided to stick to love… Hate is too great a burden to bear”
― Martin Luther King Jr.,

“We must discover the power of love, the power, the redemptive power of love.
And when we discover that we will be able to make of this old world a new world.
We will be able to make men better. Love is the only way.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.,

To someone, somewhere, and everyone everywhere……Chin up, and Steady Eddy.
– Thank you


digital painting
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  1. Beautiful images, beautiful words. Thank you for sharing them all 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  2. Absolutely amazing!

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  3. Excellent works Liza, and I love the quotes. 😊

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  4. Thank you Linienspiel 😊


  5. xoxo🙂Nick, thank you!

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  6. Thank you Fragglerocking!

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  7. Thank you Louisa 😁!


  8. Thanks you for this post. It lifted my heart. Your artwork is spectacular, and the quotes are a nice touch. My favorite – Martin Luther Kings comment on hate being too much to carry. Favorite picture the little boy in Joy.

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  9. Thank you so much library lady! I am so happy and pleased that you enjoyed it. I love quotes, and especially from Martin Luther King… plus, it’s just more important than ever right now to keep feeding the hope and light… 🙂 thank you again!


  10. Thank you so much! I thought I would search through the files and let those images have another moment… they agreed, lol. Thanks again!

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  11. They definitely deserved it!

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  12. Thanks Liza! Such a powerful post and one I will read again. I loved the art. Especially the painting of the woman and girl. Spectacular gift you have!

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  13. 😊 thank you so much! I am delighted you like the wise woman and the girl painting, they have such a patient goodness about them each time I see them….take care.

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  14. A fabulous collection of stunning artworks, Liza 👍

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  15. Thank you Phil, as always you are supportive and kind!

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  16. Truly peaceful! Loved all of them! You are amazingly talented! 😊


  17. Your artwork is amazing , and the quotes are wonderful
    Thanks for sharing

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  18. Thank you so much Luisa!

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  19. 🌺 🌷 🌺 🌷 🌺

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  20. Thank you Ahtees for your lovely comment!


  21. Absolutely amazing, stunning and beautiful 🙂

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  22. I so appreciate your comment and glad you like them, thank you!



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