Sometimes, we have to travel far and wide to find out

we were already,

where we needed to be.

Small detailed section 8″x 8″ of a 30’x 40′ painting in progress.

Quite a few years ago, and for some reason, I decided I needed to change how and what I painted.
I began to experiment extensively with every medium, genre, and style, deciding to search for what truly felt right. I began each painting very hopeful, but most all experiments felt flat, inauthentic, and frustrating.
About a week ago just around dawn I was half asleep/half awake when I heard three questions arrive in my mind, about my own process of creativity.

1. “What do you love?”

2. “What techniques flow effortlessly for you, like breathing?”

3. “What do you love to paint the most?”

With each question the answers were immediate. They had been there all along. Time rolled back and it felt like coming home. “Home” happened to be where I was when I started this journey. I had to travel far and wide to find out, I was already, where we needed to be.

When I paint what I love, I can work for 12 hours straight and feel as refreshed afterwards, as when I sat down to begin. I think that is an important awareness for all of life. Yes, there are challenges, but the solutions are sitting right there as well.

I have begun a very large painting, 30″ x 40″ and it is full of detail. A few posts back, I was trying to avoid detail (and finding it difficult.) I love detail, and wildlife. Above, is a small section measuring 8″ x 8″ of a bear cub. All outlines eventually will be removed.

Small section in progress, of wild flowers.

Above is another small section of the painting in process. I like to work in a circular pattern over the whole painting. This is a corner of the painting that will soon be filled with wildflowers. It looks chaotic, but there is a method to this madness. Since this is a rather large and very detailed painting it will take some time.
However, as I work, it will also provide me with more observations, lessons, and a greater understanding about life itself.

First lesson;

Focus on what you love,

and find the love in all you do.

– Thank you

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  1. Yes, an important lesson.

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  2. So true! I think sometimes we have the idea that when we’re doing art and it feels “too easy” there’s something wrong …but that’s exactly when we’re doing what we’re uniquely gifted to do. Beautiful details so far!

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  3. That is exactly it, and you have expressed it so perfectly! Not only are you a gifted artist, but gifted with insight and expression, thank you so much.

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  4. Beautiful post Liza! I love the pieces you have shared of the painting so far and cant wait to see the full work. I really resonated with your experience of finding your “home”. Thank you!

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  5. I am so happy you can related to this! Forever I have heard the phrase “do what you love”…but to actually arrive in that “home” place awareness of what you truly love is quite different. It’s been quite a journey. I was so happy to read your comment, thank you so much!

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  6. Cute! Love your work!!♥️

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  7. Thank you so much! The finished work should be done in about a week, I hope you check back and check it out!


  8. Wow thank you so much! 🙂 (I just saw this.)

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  9. Oh yes, sure I will! Would love to see the final masterpiece!♥️

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  10. I couldn’t agree more. I once had a job I loved so much, I could have worked 24 hours and never been tired.

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  11. It’s really a pretty interesting experience to add guidance on this roadmap of life, wouldn’t you say?


  12. Focus on what you love.
    Great advice.
    Hope you are well.

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  13. I would indeed, yes.

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  14. I love the quote. I’ve actually done that – tried to fix something that wasn’t broken – and when you finally give in and go back to what you were actually enjoying in the first place, it’s such a relief. I know what you mean about painting for 12 hours. I feel that way about writing. That is my happy place, and I’ll sit there for hours until my back aches and I’m forced to quit. I don’t know if everyone has that in their life. I feel very lucky.
    I hope we get to see the finished version of these two delightful ideas.

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  15. It’s stunning.. love the thoughts on why you paint and how you arrived there.

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  16. You are indeed truly lucky! However, I bet it took you many journeys to figure that out? For myself, it is indeed a great circling around, and grounding discovery. I chalk it up to age, lol. Just posted the finished version! Would love to know your thoughts. Thank you for the comment!


  17. Thank you so much! Its a journey….


  18. Thank you! And wishing you all the best!


  19. I love your work. Thanks so much for stopping by Poemattic. I look forward to your posts.

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  20. Beautiful wild flowers! What medium is it?

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  21. Thank you jkaybay! This is my own mix of digital watercolor and just “going at it” in an illustrative way with brushes, Wacom tablet and sketching 😊

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