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I chose a beautiful poem by Robin Decker to express the essence of my painting.


by Robin Becker

I love the whir of the creature come
to visit the pink
flowers in the hanging basket as she does

most August mornings, hours away
from starvation to store
enough energy to survive overnight.

The Aztecs saw the refraction
of incident light on wings
as resurrection of fallen warriors.

In autumn, when daylight decreases
they double their body weight to survive
the flight across the Gulf of Mexico.

On next-to-nothing my mother
flew for 85 years; after her death
she hovered, a bird of bones and air.

About This Poem

“Inhabiting both earth and sky, birds serve, in many traditions, as emissaries from the afterlife, as they do in this poem. Here, I sought to combine the science of hummingbird metabolism, the cultural history of hummingbird mythology, and the personal history I associate with the bird. The words ‘visit,’ ‘resurrection’ and ‘hover’ contribute to the ‘otherworldly’ feeling hummingbirds generate in many who observe them.”
—Robin Becker

-Thank you


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  1. Your painting is beautiful!

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  2. Humming birds are my thing!

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  3. Thank you so much! I am glad you like it!

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  4. They are such an incredible, little, yet powerful creatures, I just love watching them, there is nothing like them !

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  5. I don’t see many these days, but your right, they are powerful and beautiful

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  6. Like isn’t the word, LOVE all caps lol….

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  7. I am so pleased, hearing that, is one of the greatest reasons to paint and share it, thank you!


  8. Absolutely sublime and enchanting painting, I love it so much!!! 😍😍😍💖

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  9. We don’t have them here, lovely to see your stunning painting.

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  10. Thank you so much Yleniaely, I am so happy you like it!

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  11. Really? I didn’t know, nor imagine that! I wonder if it has to do with temperature and migration patterns? Now I need to find out, … however, if hummingbirds saw the incredible beauty the flora and fauna in your country, they would be so enchanted! Thank you so much!

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  12. Wow, i hope your selling your art because it’s beautiful.

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  13. From your lips to God’s ears! Thank you, I love hearing that!


  14. Awesomeness personified. Cause we all need kudos from time to time and your work is truly wonderful.

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  15. You’re a great confidence boost, thank you so much!

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  16. 🙏🏻😘🙏🏻😘 🙏

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