A few weeks ago, I snapped this image on one of my daily walks.

California poppies peeking through a wrought iron fence.

I felt this image illustrated perfectly the experience of self-isolation at this time. Naturally, I wanted to I paint this image but wondered if the fence might be a little too stark and oppressive. Ideas began to arrive in my mind; create it like stained glass, the leading can symbolize the fence (too obscure), and then more ideas arrived, but none with the “zing” that feels like inspiration.

I decided to just begin painting and see what happened along the way. After completing the flowers, I sat back and wondered, “what next?” From the corner of my eye I see one of my little friends waving, posing, and smiling its impish little smile, “OH me! Me! choose me!”

“Again?” I ask, “You’re already in two or three paintings.” My friend tilts his little head, and blinks his little eyes.

“Well, alright,” I concede, and he strikes a pose as if hanging off the mast of a ship. “So you’re Captain Ahab now?” I  snicker, and he just grins.

Once his image was added, the painting still felt unfinished. Now on my shoulder, my little friend reminds me that it will soon be Easter, why not invite Bunny? She will be perfect  symbolizing the celebration of “New Life and New Beginnings.” I thought for a while, “no, too hokey” I answered, and all the joy left the moment, and left the room as well. I waited. And waited.

Finally, in the lingering silence and knowing I had not chosen well, I whispered “Bunny, would you consider allowing me to paint you into this painting?”

For such a shy little creature, Bunny is exceedingly fast, and even reminded me of a previous painting session. “Jump in!” I invite, and the painting was soon completed. As we three observed the finished work i wondered what to name it. “Peeps” said my little friend.

“Like the marshmallow candy?” I ask.

“Like the candy, …..and for good friends.”

My little chickadee friend is exceedingly proud and pleased, and Bunny is shyly delighted, and together we wish you a heartfelt and wondrous Easter.

– Thank you

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  1. The painting is pure magic!

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  2. So kind! Thank you so much!!


  3. Absolutely fabulous and fantastic painting,I love it!!! 😍 It is so charming and joyful, it expresses all the beauty and sweetness of spring,the bunny and the bird are so tender!!! 😍
    I love your enchanting works of art,are emotions that touch my heart! ❤
    Many wishes with all my heart for a Happy Easter full of serenity,hope and happiness!!! 😘🌈💐🌟❤ I send you a very big hug full of affection!!! 🤗😘

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  4. Your painting process sure sounds a lot like my poem process! 😎

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  5. Ah that’s precious. ❤️

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  6. Thank you so much Yleniaely! I appreciate your kind words and wishes, and wish you great joy in return!

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  7. Thank you so much from my heart!!! 😘🤗❤

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  8. Thank you! I think we can all use a little sweetness right now!

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  9. Sweet, joyful and charming! So lovely to start my day seeing this!

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  10. Awww, thank you so much! I am so glad you like it. Happy New Life/Easter/ and life appreciation day my friend!

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  11. Hi, it’s fun to watch the process of your work, and what an uplifting subject. Thanks for sharing, and for the follow.

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  12. A delightful painting & narrative, Liza 👍

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  13. Thank you! Creating an uplifting painting, is the best of what I can do to contribute at this time 🙂 even if it creates just a glimmer of goodness!


  14. Thank you Phil! Delightful is one of the greatest compliments!

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  15. Liza, I have nominated you for Vincent Ehindero Award. Check out my blog post.:)

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  16. Wow, thank you so much, I am so touched by your kind and thoughtful nomination! Thank you again!

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  17. 😊 I really like your work! you make amazing paintings!

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  18. Beautiful blog. Keep shining.

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  19. Thanks! You too, I enjoy your posts a great deal!

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  20. (My smile is so big now.) Thank you.

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  21. …. and so is mine, so is mine, than you from the bottom of my heart!

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