Contemplation & Solutions – 24″ x 34″.

“Contemplation & Solutions”

While creating this painting, its essence became very dear to me. Contemplation is the choice of taking a few moments to listen within for the best solutions. Contemplation means giving up reacting. Each day is filled with a multitude of moments that we are constantly making choices amongst the momentum of “rush, rush, rush” and “hurry up.” When did we allow this rushed feeling become the fearful boss of us? Moreover, why did we? Giving ourselves permission to pause for a few moments, contemplate the best choice of our words or a solution, is an action of honoring the best of who we are, each and every one of us. We honor each other with our mindfulness, and this will always serve us and life, well.

Thank you.

digital painting
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  1. Fabulous painting and wonderful post!!! šŸ˜ I love digital art paintings!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing!!!
    A hug,Ely. šŸ„°

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  2. I think you’re doing grand with the app!

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  3. Not always easy, but definitely light hearted later! šŸ˜


  4. Wonderful work, Liza!

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  5. Thank you Phil! I appreciate it! I should be posting tonight, a new painting + a fast frame video of the painting in work if you are interested. Kinda fun!

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  6. Wise words. Lovely paintings. Very impressive.

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  7. Thank you so much Lisa!

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  8. Nice piece

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