A feeling of surprise
mingled with admiration,
caused by something beautiful,
unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.

-Webster’s Dictionary.

I was thinking about “a sense of wonder” as I painted this little bird.

I have decided it is something intrinsic to human nature, happiness and wisdom.

Could we long for the sensation of wonder, yet become too focused on time?  Now the word “drudgery mentality” comes to mind. Wonder only requires only a few seconds, and lifts my heart for hours.

Could wonder be something we allow to arrive, keep as a constant possibility, a sensitivity to, anticipate and embrace without prejudice? Without wonder, I begin to miss the magic contained in the many moments of each day.

Wonder is the heartbeat of thoughtful joy. Without wonder, we could become despondent and depressed.

We can not buy “a sense of wonder.”

Therefore, wonder may just be a conscious choice, a state of mind ready for the miraculous. Choose moments of wonder today. Find wonder in the ordinary. The smell of a lemon, the light on the pavement, the beat of your own heart…….so many choices.

…and have fun.

– Thank you.


Illustration, life
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  1. Wonderful!! 😍 I love this words full of emotions and feelings,made me think a lot,I am moved by the beauty of your words,they touched my soul! Thank you very much for this faboulous post,I love your works of art! 😘

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  2. Yleniaely, I thank you so very much for your kind and thoughtful comment! I am so glad you enjoyed the post and the illustration. You have added inspiration to my day. Thank you!

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  3. I love this little bird 💜

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  4. I love the idea of wonder being a conscious choice of mind state. Wonderful painting and quotation!

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  5. He looks just like the little birds that visit my Happy Eater tree everyday, and yes life is best when full of things to wonder about!

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  6. Thank you Hilary! For the past few days I have been an emergency caretaker for a very old, blind and deaf dog. When I go over to take him out, the outings take a very long time, no quick walk for him! This caused me to slow way down, and with that I began observing so much more than usual, and this is when I realized how much wonder was available in each moment! – Best, Liza

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  7. Happy Eater tree is such a great name! I looked them up, but can’t find an image. However, the little bird is a Chickadee, they always look so happy, lucky, lucky you! Thank you for the comment!

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  8. this is one on my HE tree, a blue tit, a bit like the chickadee.

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  9. What beautiful photo! And such cute little bird, quite similar yes! Love this photo! Thanks for including it!👏

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  10. Am glad you don’t mind me sharing it. I like your painting so much more!

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  11. Mind?! I am thrilled! Such a beautiful photo, it’s inspiration for me, & anyone that may click on it here, share anytime and often, the more the merrier!

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  12. Hi Liza, I just loved reading about your experience with wonder. I identify with so much of what you describe and so enjoyed viewing your bird painting. Spectacular! I love watching birds out my kitchen window – they always feel joyful to me and so free.

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  13. Don’t they? At times I want to paint something else, but they capture my attention and are such a gift to enjoy! And I enjoyed reading ABOUT YOU!!! Congratulations on such a wonderful interview with WordPress “discover ,” please, if you have a link to the interview, would you mind responding with it here to me? I would love if anyone read through these comments, for them to read about your work and view it, since I just admire it so much! -best, Liza


  14. A delightful bird you’ve painted, filled with a sense of wonder 🙂

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  15. So cute ❤
    I love your work. Do read my blog too. Your reviews are valuable. 🙂

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  16. Thank you, will do!



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