I found myself feeling uninspired, and in a bit of a foul mood while trying to enjoy my painting time after a challenging week. What to do? I looked out of the window and observed Betty White and Pearl Bailey busy gossiping around the base of a palm tree.

Betty and Pearl are chickens living in the heart of a large city at a complex that feels as if it is not in the city at all. Betty arrived one day last year as a mystery, was quickly adopted, and Pearl was brought in to be her comrade in hyjinx. They are incredible at herding cats. These two chickens living in the heart of the financial district are quite popular, and even have their own website. It’s all quite comical, watching them at play and how they react to life around them.

“When work becomes play, and play becomes your work, your life unfolds.” — Robert Frost

Taking a my cue from Betty and Pearl I chose to play. I moved into the inspired moment, capturing the energy like a snapshot of spontaneity. Using quick loose strokes, splatters, and random colours, I worked rapidly and with limited thoughts. Then I added a little detail for the head. Later, I chose to add a background of gritty texture, replicating the dirt Betty and Pearl love to dig in for appetizers. My observation of play became the energy of how I painted, and the true essence of the image. I smiled as I worked, and my work became play. Another valuable lesson in truly living life. — Thank you.

digital painting
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  1. Delightful action “Fowl Play” painting, Liza

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  2. Thank you Phil! I had a fun time while painting it, and I hope that also comes across through the image. Another lesson about life through art!

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  3. Beautiful article, I enjoyed the read so I am going to reblog this one for you.

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  4. Thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed it!


  5. Beautifully done! I love the story behind your inspiration in creating this piece. Thank you for sharing it. It’s funny how inspiration can come especially when I’m feeling uninspired.

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  6. Thank you! Too true, inspiration seems to wait for me to quit “trying” for it, (…mentally running around thinking). Once I have worn myself out, and before I slip into thinking something is wrong….. it says “hey! Look at that!” And inspiration has the space to be heard. It’s quite patient with me really, lol.

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  7. I completely get that! Well said.

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  8. Upon first glance, I thought this may have been a photo processed through artistic software. Your detail and overall quality in all your work is amazing!

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  9. Thank you so much Steve!


  10. Thank you! It was great fun to paint the action in the moment.

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  11. Not only your paintings..your wordings are also quite different !

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  12. I suppose they are! A little different can be a good thing, lol. Thank you so much for reading how the painting was inspired and what the experience taught me!

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  13. Its my pleasure and thanks a lot for the likes too in my writings 🙂

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