Just Makes Me Happy — Detail Section of a Larger Piece, Acrylic on Linen with Oil Pastel.

Lately, I forget what I paint soon after it is completed, it seems to leave my mind within a day or two. The next time I see it, I view it as if for the first time, and I think, “Oh! Look at that!” and I am delighted all over again.
This is a detail section of a larger piece, and one of my screen savers. Each time I see it, it makes me happy.

“You have within you more love than you could ever understand.” — Rumi




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  1. Channelers very frequently tell of this experience. 😚

  2. Hmmm, very interesting! Thanks Ana!

  3. Gorgeous work, Liza

  4. I really like it! I feel like I’m looking up toward the sky through a gathering of trees during the fall.

  5. Oooo, I love that! When I imagine of your comment, I think of taking a walk and pausing to “look up,” and it always fills me with a hopeful feeling. That’s so great! Thank you for your insight!

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