“Wonder II”  Multimedia, Acrylic on linen with oil pastels. 15″ x 11″.

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen.” — Rumi

While working on a larger abstract piece, this section of detail caught my attention. My imagination saw a puddle and the sun emerging, filling the space with light and colour. I thought of life, and how there are stormy times that can feel never-ending. And always, the storm passes and a lightness of being and connection returns again.

During a storm I remind myself to tread carefully. When the sun comes out I will look back at how I weathered the experience, and I want to take comfort in that I did not cause distress for others, letting myself down as well.
I remind myself, “This too will pass.” I try to focus on the wonder created in the reflections of the puddles, and whisper; “Steady-Eddy,” one puddle at a time.

Thank you


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  1. Thank you so much Marilyn, I appreciate you letting me know! 😊


  2. Beautiful pic and nice text!

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  3. Wonderful! Thanks for reminding me that the stormy times in our lives will one day pass; sometimes it’s easy to forget, but from now on I too will whisper to myself ” ‘Steady-Eddy,’ one puddle at a time.” 😀

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  4. So glad you enjoyed that, “steady-eddy” is my go to thought in confusing moments, one moment at a time. Thank you for your comment!


  5. Love this. I tell myself that this too shall pass every time….☺️

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  6. Thank you! It’s interesting isn’t it, all of life passes; each experience, day, the seasons and years. The question I ask myself in challenging moments is; “what kind of a person do I want to see” when I look back over time and observe myself?

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