This Is An Animated Painting


My youngest launched himself from the nest two years ago. During the excitement, the packing, and the plans, I painted. Then I animated the painting to illustrate observing the transition, and the transformation we both were experiencing. This animated clip is very short, only one minute and twenty-three seconds.

The Orchard

Change has its own timing,
it can’t be rushed
and most likely it won’t be convenient,
that’s part of its charm.

Art & Design: North Liza Lane
Music: Joe Hisaishi – Evening Wind (Yuugure no Kaze)

When my children launched themselves into the world, I was required to experience a transformation from being the guide in front of my child, into the supportive position of standing beside a young man. My job now is to trust their own intuition, their path choices, and their own decisions. I ask questions to prompt their wisdom to come forward.

Their “owner’s manual” is deep within them, and it is private. I was not given a copy. It is fortunate that I could not get my hands on it, or I would have probably started a “protective” editing process. Possibly ripping out whole sections. Not a good plan. I truly enjoy this stage with both my sons. I really like this position. We are now good friends, and we laugh, and we enjoy the journey together. I also enjoy my empty nest. I am filling it up with discovering myself and who I am now, after a job that I can only trust, was well done.

The Orchard is my illustration of the experience of being a mother, a caretaker, and then releasing them into the world. This painting and animated clip is two years old, but it came into my mind when thinking about Fathers Day, of being a parent, or caretaker, or a guardian. – Thank you

Illustration, life, Paintings, video
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  1. I will borrow several leaves from your wisdom. As parents, we want to protect our children and if we had their internal manuals, we would completely reset them.

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  2. So tempting, but getting in the way is simply, getting in the way! This can be very challenging at times, however, I truly feel it’s appreciated! Thanks for your comment!


  3. You’re welcome! Wonderful!

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  4. Such a wonderful, accurate illustration. xoxo

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  5. Cool animation of a wonderful work!

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  6. Hey, thank you so much! Creating this little piece was an adventure and a lot of fun. Interestingly, the choice of this adventure lead to a new skill, and currently I am in the final stages of creating a video at the day job, as a corporate designer. This taught me; “play is fun, and can also open doors”. I am glad you liked it!

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