About this painting;

I was pondering life again, which is a moment by moment habit. In times of confusion, I like to create metaphors for life’s perplexities. This allows me to put life or a situation into a context I can work with, like a picture book. Picture books are brilliant, not too many words and full of imagination. This method also allows me to see the parallels of any given situation with a sense of humor, and possibly an insight or inspiration will follow. The “Ahaa! I get it!” moment, and then I can move on.

This is how “Flying Lessons & Life” evolved. I was painting while I pondered (in my picture book metaphor method), how life is like flying. It takes focus and believing in what you know in your heart to be true, no matter how many internal or external hecklers show up. Looking down would certainly cause a wobble or crash if the flying part doesn’t have my full attention, and then I will be looking for the band aids, again.  Something that causes me to look away, or look down would be……..a distraction. So, now I ponder distractions. Do distractions receive job assignments each day when they show up for work? Who pays them? Do they have a union?

Something else to ponder, in the mean time, I will avoid looking down.


digital painting, Paintings, Thoughts
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  1. Your art and writing both have such a serene vibe to them. This is amazing

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  2. O my, I thank you so much! The writing part was a personal challenge for me, a fear to stand up to and walk on by and do it anyway…..(a few years later, lol). Thank you again!

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  3. I must say, you conquered the challenge then

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  4. I thank you so much, and I look forward to reading your next piece. With each one I have read so far, I keep thinking “Cashmere”….so warm, so elegant. You are truly gifted.

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  5. ahhh Thank youu. That’s one of the best compliment I have got. Ever. Thank you so much😄😄

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  6. Fabulous artwork & description, Liza 🙂

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