Emancipation From Fear –

This painting is a story, and the story is whatever the person viewing it first recognizes. It can be as it appears, a sea turtle at the moment of freedom from the restraints of a discarded fishing net that ultimately, would have ended its life.

Or, the ethereal images of the dolphins and fish could be a symbol of the ever present guidance tirelessly assisting the conscious self, symbolized by the sea turtle, to consider, question, and free itself from the bondage of that which is not true, and its net of fear.

One net is very real. The other net could be an illusion. The question is how much of the imagination can be used to support it, or alternatively, see right through it.

digital painting
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  1. Beautiful work! what medium do you work in?

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  2. Thank you Margaret! Recently, I have traded my Winsor & Newton pigments for Winsor & Newton pixels, and Arches watercolor paper for a wacom tablet. I use a combination of traditional watercolor techniques, washes, and a glazing method used by oil painters. The methods are the same, however, I do miss the magical moments of watching the pigments settle into the tooth of the paper, carried by the water. The brushes are electronic, and the process is a journey of constant trial and error! Thank you for asking!

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  3. Oh you must have the patience that I probably don’t. You make it look very tactile, authentic which means you are settled into a beautiful medium that suits your creativity. 🙂

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  4. Thank you! I might call it a calm, somewhat stubborn, determination, lol. This is self taught, some textures were determination, and others by amazing accidents! I love it when that happens, and can continue using them along the way.

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  5. I get that! I love painting the unknown, the more I release, the more exciting it gets. I am stubborn and determined but in other ways, if I have to use in in technology, it turns into frustration.

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  6. I certainly understand the frustration concerning technology! I decided to use technology as a “Zen, mindfullness reminder”….telling me to slow down, take it step by step, and figure out the issue. I have never had my computer or phone say, “whoops, I just messed up, let me fix that…” so I figure its me and I need to make friends, and play nice, so to speak, lol.

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  7. I need to learn from you! I could use some Zen with my computer and camera. 🙂

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  8. Zen and the ……survival of asset management? ha ha.


  9. Splendid painting and narrative, Liza – it’s always a pleasure to visit your site 🙂

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