I received a few emails asking how I painted the shawl of the Wise Woman.
Thank you for asking.
Although the Wise Woman was created in a more traditional painting method, with the shawl, I tried something much different. First I sketched the design as a piece of fabric, and then added the colour washes with a soft wash brush. By using a pastel brush, I created the larger areas of colour and texture.

After that, I cut and collaged the pieces together, laying them as the fabric would drape and fold, and created the overall shape of the shawl. I continued by using a finger-painting technique, not adding colour, but pushing and pulling the folds. When this appeared as I wanted, I concentrated on the absence of light, and added the shadows.

Hopefully, this short video clip will illustrate how I created the fabric, and then the shawl.

As always, you can email me at Liza@northlizalane.com, or leave a question, or comment below.
Thank you, again.

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